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About Us

"Occasionally, you get a nice surprise when someone covers your song in an extraordinary way." - Author: John Barry

Faye & the Mockingbirds rearrange classical and modern hits in acoustic covers.

All of those songs we choose to play deserve to stay in musical memory and we hope that our interpretations will help so. 








Jean Luc

Our Story



August 2019: Georges was looking for a few musicians to support a charity project. Faye and Marc also took part to the "Charity Jukebox" project and that's how they got to know each other.

Even after the Charity event in September, which was a complete success, they didn't lose sight of each other.

During the pandemic, they stayed connected and recorded their first Cover Song "Time after Time", without even seeing each other. They released the Song and the Video in 2021 under the Name of "Faye and the Mockingbirds".

In 2021, many villages in Luxembourg were affected by floods. To help the victims, a small festival was set up to collect donations. "Faye and the mockingbirds" were lucky enough to be involved as band of the festival and as Co-organizer.

Jean Luc is giving his bassline on an acoustic bass and his choir practiced voice since mars 2022 and Yannick found his way as Drummer to our Band january 2023.

Together, their main goal is to  pass on their good mood and passion for music to the viewers and listeners.

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